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What is Flipping Pages?

Statics attract hundreds of Publishers and amateur Authors to jump into this literary Industry every year. Being a newbie in this industry, these amateur writers and authors are misled by these small publishing houses with fake promises to make them a celebrity author but in return, they get nothing. Instead, they lose their precious money, time and resources.
Flipping Pages Publications is one of the few platforms out there to provide 3 types of publishing under one roof: Traditional, Self and Customized Publishing. Also, we guarantee to publish your work within 30-45 Days of submitting us the complete manuscript. Isn’t that what you are looking for out there??

We help you get up and sprinting

Author Friendly and Responsive

Whether it is your debut book or the twentieth, we treat you as if you were getting published for the first time. We will take care of you and your work, from editing to publishing, from distribution to marketing, Our Team will guide you at each and every step of the publishing process.

Once you have submitted your manuscript, our expert team will go through it and revert within 72 hours. Also, we guarantee you of
getting published within 30-45 days of signing the agreement.

Offline Distribution and Legal Agreement

While most publishers do not want to engage in offline distribution, we are of the view that offline distribution plays a major role in making a book successful. Therefore, we provide offline distribution service to your book so it can get to a wider audience.

Once we agree to publish your book, we will revert with a publishing agreement between you and Flipping Pages. The agreement will contain all the necessary terms and condition under which we will carry out the work.

Dedicated team and packages

As you sign the agreement with Flipping Pages, our Publishing Head will be helping you with your book and guide you from publishing to editing to marketing, until your book becomes a BESTSELLER.

Apart from Traditional and Customised publishing, Flipping pages offers affordable and best-in-industry packages for publishing, editing and marketing. Check out all the packages carefully and choose the best one which suits you.


Tushti’s expertise and practical approach towards the various methods of book marketing and promotion is laudable, not only because of the way she does it along with her team. The approach is simple for authors, be it ones who are vintage in the literary circuit or ones who have are just joining the brigade. It also helps that her friendly nature makes the rather complicated journey of an author easier! She has also ventured into publishing now and I wish her all the very best for Flipping Pages. More power to you, Tushti. Keep shining.

– Avishek gupta @ Author of 15/1 Story avenue


As a first time author, one looks at finding someone who can be a guide & mentor along with being a publisher, a mould which Tushti fits perfectly into. She puts people at ease and backs it up with her professional approach & problem-solving abilities, irrespective of the timelines. My faith in her & the FP team can be verified with the fact that I’m committed to publishing all my forthcoming books with FP.

By Dr. Sheetal Nair ( Author of – The midas touch and The Monk’s secret )

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