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Publishing can seem like a very intimidating thing, especially if your entry is as a newbie. Flipping pages’ mission is to break that barrier and make the authors at home is less than the required word of mouth. Managed by the Visionary Tushti Bhatia, her availability for the minute issues is a powerful way of presenting her statement that she is in the industry to provide cutting edge service. Flipping pages team uses the power of co-creation to bring out the best from the team. There is plenty of success story, but that of Flipping pages is here to stay. FP and Tushti in-person help break the intimidation barrier for those who are hesitant to the industry’s new flavour. Flipping pages, the publisher, is a family run by an innocent but determined visionary, Tushti. When you become an author under her banner, you become her friend. She is a supportive, practical, organized, meticulous, exponential worker, and a safe keeper of any author’s dream project.

– Sameer Kumar

I have known Tushti Bhatia for a long time now. But the day I met her in Jaipur for the book cover launch of The Iridescence, feels like yesterday. It was at Cafe Maskaa Talk, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur in 2016. I had failed my engineering finals and this book trip was the best moment of my life which helped me move forward.  The energy that she carried with her was magnanimous. She was then marketing partner for the book and nailed it like a champ.  As a founder of Flipping Pages, she turned a new chapter in. Now Flipping Pages has gotten so huge with services ranging from editorial to book reviewing. Eagerly waiting to hand over my new book to Flipping Pages and the able hands of Tushti to help reach its zenith.
– Akash Rumade

I have a wonderful experience of working with Flipping pages. I published my first book 15/1 Story Avenue with them and it became a bestseller. Even after a year of its release, people are still interested in the book. FP helped me in my journey as a debutant with wonderful suggestions. They worked tirelessly on a very professional typesetting, got a very attractive cover design in place and marketed the book brilliantly on social media. They also took my book to a few small offline stores. They are honest, hardworking and a very lovable young team. I highly recommend them. Love and hugs.
– Avishek gupta

I dreaming of writing my own book always. However, it is not published yet. I got all the complete information from flipping pages for being a best seller at amazon. Will update the progress soon. So far I am happy.

– TK

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