The E-books I read in last month

Are you a great fan of E-books? Do you like reading e-books while travelling?

Hi friends, I am Tanvi Shivgan. I am an engineer, voracious reader, blogger, content writer and bookstagrammer. My Instagram handle is ‘blogging_books_and_more’.

Today, I am going to write about some e-books which I read last month. There will be reviews of 3 e-books. Though I am a fan of physical books, sometimes, I love to read e-books on my mobile. Many times, it is difficult to carry physical books while travelling in cities like Mumbai. At such times, we can simply read e-books on our mobile. You can buy all these books on Amazon and read on kindle.

So, let’s have a look at these e-books.

1. A Rustic Mind by Manali Desai

  • Book – A Rustic Mind
  • Author – Manali Desai
  • Insta handle of author- manali1988
  • Genre – Poetry
  • Pages – 41
  • Format- E-book
  • My views –
    • A Rustic Mind is a poetry book which contains 26 poems on different topics such as love, relationships, friendship, women, freedom, nature, happiness, mind, etc. In our everyday life, there are many things or actions done by us which impact our life significantly. This book is a collection of the poems which are inspired by such daily actions and innumerable things.
    • All the poems are well written which connect with us although some of them are quite lengthy.
    • My favourite poems from the book are A Letter To Myself, A Boy’s Tale, What Defines A Woman, Free The Mind And That Corner Of The House. These poems are so relatable to me that they touched my soul genuinely.
  • The cover of the book could have been better.
  • It is a short book which can be finished in one sitting. 
  • My experience with this book is awesome. If you want to read something light yet thought-provoking, A Rustic Mind is a book for you
  • Author has done a great job. I would like to congratulate her.
  • My Rating – 4/5
  • My recommendation – A Big Yes. You should definitely include this book in your TBR.

2. It’s you Afterwards by Sophia Kaankuka

  • Book – It’s you Afterwards
  • Author – Sophia Kaankuka
  • Genre – Non-fiction ( Self-help )
  • Pages – 5
  • Format – E-book
  • My views –
    • It’s you Afterwards is a self-help book which mainly focuses on emphasizing that YOU are responsible for whatever happens in your life. Nobody else is accountable for your life except you.
    • It is a short read which will inspire you a lot. It is just a 5-page book which can be finished in just 30 minutes.
    • Whenever you feel low, I think, this book will encourage you and prepare you for your tasks.
    • Overall it is the best, short, nonfiction book, self-help book which the author has written in really the best manner.
    • My favorite quotes are -The day you give up on yourself, absolutely no one comes to pull you up. Not settling for less upholds you more and more.
    • My Rating – 4.5/5
    • My recommendation – definitely you should grab a book.

3. The Love Tennis by Jitender Kumar

  • Book – The Love Tennis
  • Author – Jitendar Kumar 
  • Insta handle of Author – musafirr
  • Genre – Romance Fiction
  • Format – E-book
  • Publisher – Blue rose publishers 
  • Plot –
    • It is a story of two teenagers Jatin and Priya who come close because of the lawn tennis. Jatin belongs to the middle-class family while Priya belongs to a rich family.
    • Jatin wants to focus on the Lawn Tennis and wants to make a career in it while Priya loves Jatin and wants to be with him every time. Jatin is focused, ambitious but at the same time generous, a lovely friend of Priya.
    • Will Jatin’s focus gets disturbed when he comes to know that Priya loves him? Will Priya get her love? Will both live happily ever after? To know this, please grab a book.
  • My views –
    • This is not a typical love story between rich and poor individuals. It is a story through which you will go back to your teen-age. I loved the plot. It is quite different. Narration is good. Both the characters, along with some other, are built very well such that they are relatable.
    • The end of the story is quite unexpected which will make you think about the emotions of other people.
    • This book taught me many things about relationships. The cover is so relatable to the story and is well designed. Worth reading.
    • My rating – 5/5
    • Recommendation – YES.

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